(a) A licensee shall maintain an alarm system as defined in Business and Professions Code section 7590.1(c) at the licensed premises. This requirement does not apply to a licensed premises authorized exclusively for cultivation activities or the cultivation area of a licensed microbusiness premises.
(b) A licensee shall ensure a licensed alarm company operator or one or more of its registered alarm agents installs, maintains, monitors, and responds to the alarm system.

(c) Upon request, a licensee shall make available to the Department all information related to the alarm system, monitoring, and alarm activity.
(d) If multiple licensed premises are contained within the same building, a single alarm system covering the entire building may be used by all of the licensees under the following conditions:
(1) All licensees shall have access to and be able to provide the information under subsection (c).
(2) All licensees shall be held responsible and subject to discipline for any violations of the alarm system requirements.

Authority: Section 26013, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 26070, Business and Professions Code.

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