My name is Ryan Kocot.

There’s no way around it: cannabis law is confusing. Conflicts between federal, state, and local law can leave business owners, consumers, and lawyers scratching their heads. And that’s why I created this website: to break cannabis law into easy to understand terms instead of having to piece information from multiple sources together. The courses and guides throughout the site incorporate my experience as a cannabis attorney for the last five years and will save you time and money.

Let’s get started.


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Practical Cannabis Law Guidance


Obtain practical skills crucial to building your marijuana business or advising clients as an attorney or consultant.

Self Learning

Learn how to to protect your business, as well as your rights as a consumer.


Understand how the cannabis licensing process works, as well as everything that goes into running a business.


Interact and collaborate with other cannabis entrepreneurs, consumers, consultants, and lawyers.


Connect with qualified marijuana lawyers and consultants.

Regulatory Updates

Stay up to date with important regulatory updates that impact your business.

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