The following requirements apply when transporting cannabis goods between licensees or licensed premises:

(a) Transportation shall only be conducted by persons holding a distributor license under the Act, or employees of those persons. All vehicles and trailers used for transportation shall be owned or leased, in accordance with the Vehicle Code, by the licensee.
(b) Prior to transporting any cannabis goods, the licensed distributor shall have a completed sales invoice or receipt that meets the requirements of Business and Professions Code section 26161. The licensed distributor shall only transport cannabis goods listed on the sales invoice or receipt. The sales invoice or receipt may not be altered or changed once transport begins.
(c) A licensed distributor employee shall always carry a copy of the distributor’s license and a copy of the QR Code Certificate issued by the Department while engaging in the transportation of cannabis goods. The QR Code Certificate shall comply with the requirements of section 15039, subsection (d) of this division.
(d) All vehicles transporting cannabis goods for hire shall be required to have a motor carrier permit pursuant to Chapter 2 (commencing with Section 34620) of Division 14.85 of the Vehicle Code.
(e) Transportation by means of aircraft, watercraft, drone, rail, human powered vehicle, or unmanned vehicle is prohibited.
(f) Cannabis goods shall only be transported inside of a vehicle or trailer and shall not be visible or identifiable from outside of the vehicle or trailer.
(g) Cannabis goods shall be locked in a fully enclosed box, container, or cage that is secured to the inside of the vehicle or trailer. No portion of the enclosed box, container, or cage shall be comprised of any part of the body of the vehicle or trailer. For the purposes of this section, the inside of the vehicle includes the trunk.
(h) While left unattended, vehicles and trailers shall be locked and secured.
(i) A licensed distributor shall not leave a vehicle or trailer containing cannabis goods unattended in a residential area or parked overnight in a residential area.
(j) At a minimum, a licensed distributor shall have a vehicle alarm system on all transport vehicles and trailers. Motion detectors, pressure switches, duress, panic, and hold-up alarms may also be used.
(k) Packages or containers holding cannabis goods shall not be tampered with, or opened, during transport.
(l) A licensed distributor transporting cannabis goods shall only travel between licensees shipping or receiving cannabis goods and its own licensed premises when engaged in the transportation of cannabis goods. The licensed distributor may transport multiple shipments of cannabis goods at once in accordance with applicable laws. A licensed distributor shall not deviate from the travel requirements described in this section, except for necessary rest, fuel, or vehicle repair stops.
(m) Under no circumstances may non-cannabis goods, except for cannabis accessories and licensees’ branded merchandise or promotional materials, be transported with cannabis goods.
(n) Vehicles and trailers transporting cannabis goods are subject to inspection by the Department at any licensed premises or during transport at any time.
(o) Notwithstanding subsections (e) through (g) of this section, if it is not operationally feasible to transport cannabis goods inside of a vehicle or trailer because the licensed premises that the cannabis goods will be transported from and the licensed premises that will be receiving the cannabis goods are located within the same building or on the same parcel of land, the cannabis goods may be transported by foot, hand truck, fork lift, or other similar means. A shipping manifest that complies with this division is required when transporting cannabis goods pursuant to this subsection.

(p) Notwithstanding subsection (e) of this section, transportation of cannabis goods may be conducted via waterway to licensees located on Catalina Island. The provisions of this section and other sections regarding vehicle requirements also apply to vessels used to transport cannabis goods via waterway pursuant to this section.

Authority: Section 26013, Business and Professions Code. Reference: Section 26070, Business and Professions Code.

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